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Project Description

Assignment 1 - Initial web 2.0 site idea and Subversion

  • Module - Web Application Development
  • University of Hertfordshire

This ASP.NET in VB.NET project consists of :
  1. The default page
  2. The about page
  3. The contact page

The Default page allows users to enter 2 numbers, and display their sum.
In this page are used :
  • Two text boxes (where the user inputs the numbers to add)
  • A label (that displays the result)
  • Two required field validators (that ensure that no blank inputs are allowed)
  • Two regular expression validators (that ensure that only numbers >= 0 are accepted)

The About page displays information about the module, tutor and the University.

The Contact page displays information about the author and includes an email link for direct contact.

Author : Georgios Lymperopoulos

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